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Find the Right Vastu Placement for Lord Ganesha

Bring home happiness and prosperity by placing the statues of Lord Ganesha as per Vastu

Lord Ganesha means the God of Happiness, Good health and Prosperity .They are considered one of the most auspicious of all Indian deities. However, many homeowners often forget placing the Lord Ganesha’s idol at the right place. The right idol placed may bring you wealth, good health and removes all obstacles. has more high quality products with more reasonable price 

If you are planning to buy Lord Ganesh to home decor , then let these Vastu tips help you to place good luck to your office or home 

Barish Ganesh Table Top Water Fountain
Do and Don’t to place lord Ganesh home docor at home
  • Place Lord Ganesha’s statues either in north direction , west and north-east direction
  • In Main entrance you can keep Drishti Ganesh , to ward off all the evil
  • Seating position Lord Ganesha will give you more calam and peace
  • Avoid to place Lord Ganesh under staircases, Laundry room and garages
  • Don’t face Lord Ganesha towards south .It will be more harmful
  • Never place the Lord Ganesh near restroom and dusted place

Best Place to keep Idol Of Lord Ganesha At Home Entrance As Per Vastu?

Vastu guru prescribe placing Lord Ganesha’s statue either in the north direction, west, north-east . It’s not good to face in south direction because it may do more harm than good.
Now you have the best Vastu tips to place Lord Ganesha at home. Kindly follow all the aforementioned
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Some of the idols we sells listed below:

1. Ganesha Water Fountain with 3 Steps

Ganesha Fountain with 3 Drops

2. Barish Ganesh Table Top Water Fountain

Barish Ganesh Table Top Water Fountain

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