Big Lotus Buddha Water Fountain


Width:2.58 Feet (31″ Inches)

Material: FRP
Product Type: Fibre Water Fountain
Usage/Application: Indoor and Garden Decor
Country of Origin Made: India
Height: 4.4 Feet (53″ Inches)
Depth: 2.58 Feet (31″ Inches)

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Lotus Buddha Water Fountain is a mesmerizing piece of art. Buddha is symbolic of inner peace and this water fountain has been designed to attract positive chi/qi in your home or work place. Buddha Water fountain’s not only beautifies the aesthetics of the place it also Promotes health and Good fortune as per science of architecture. It brings positivity. The soothing sound of Water helps relaxing the mind Reduces the stress.

·        Durable

·        Unbreakable

Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks from India


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