Buddha Diya tabletop Water Fountain


Material: Fiber
Product Type: Fibre Tabletop Water Fountain
Usage/Application: Indoor Decor
Brand: Chikkalakka.com
Country of Origin Made: India

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  • Buddha Diya Tabletop Water Fountain is Made with fiber with LED Lights and a quality water pump.
  • Water Tank is easily cleanable.
  • Water Fountains add a touch of beauty and charm to any room. The sound of water falling from the Water Fountain is believed to soothe and calm the ambiance, as well as bring a positive aura to the environment.
  • It can also make an excellent event gift for your work colleagues, family, and friends. This water fountain is made of high-quality materials and will enhance the look of your home or office.
  • Graceful Buddha Indoor Water Fountain is made of high-quality premium materials and will look great in your home, office, or living room. The fountains’ flowing water represents the flow of money and happiness. These are also used by Chikkalakka.com 
  • The Fountain Water Pump also has a Water Flow Speed Governor Switch, which allows you to easily slow down and increase the speed of the water flow.
  • We also produce Export Quality Decorative Diya Buddha Water Fountains in large quantities.



  • Durable
  • Unbreakable

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