Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain



Material: Polyfiber
Product Type: Fibre Tabletop Water Fountain
Usage/Application: Indoor Decor
Brand: Chikkalakka.com
Country of Origin Made: India
Length: 28CM
Width: 28CM
Height: 39CM

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if the product you have ordered is out of stock after your order placed, it will take minimum 4 working days to manufacture it and will be deliver within 10 working days depending on the delivery location.

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  • Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain is Made with fiber with LED Lights and a quality water pump.
  • Water Tank is easily cleanable.
  • No electrical assistance is necessary due to the in-built lighting and Plug-n-Play installation.
  • originating from the same designers creating captivating designs captivating designs that showcase our nation’s craftsmanship.
  • The ideal gift for loved ones and friends as well as a decoration for your patio, garden, tabletop, or additional home/workplace office decor.
  • With the help of this beautifully designed water fountain statue, which brings the utmost calm and relaxation, you can create a peaceful environment in your living area, whether it be your house or place of business, and enjoy positivity and peace.



  • Durable
  • Unbreakable

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